Monday, December 17, 2012

Hey Hey!! It just hit me the other day how excited I am to Skype you guys. But I am thinking today I will try to figure out some technology stuff so we will see how much I write.

But guess what... I AM STAYING!! Ha that’s right, I will stay another 7 weeks in Juazeiro. It is a little crazy but I was hoping for it. I want to spend Christmas here.... it is basically my other home. So yeah. Transfers weren’t anything crazy, nothing changed in our house which is chill, because I love everyone in our house, we all get along perfectly, and none of us are fubecas (slackers)!

So yeah, I think I won’t receive letters and packages until Thursday, so we will see if everything made it.  Wow... already doing Christmas stuff eh?? That’s cool. That’s funny that the kids are skipping out on family stuff. I remember when I wanted to do that and everyone was calling me lame. Ha, but now I see that the family stuff is the best stuff! I guess it just is a phase in life. Crazy how Taylor is having a baby... I can’t even imagine... but I guess I don’t need to, eh?

Please forward this for the ward newsletter:

Feliz Natal Cliffside 1st Ward! Tudo Bem?
Hope all is well and white there where my testimony was born and raised. Brazil has been very good to me and I am loving the missionary life. It’s amazing and easy to see here how the gospel really is the root of all happiness. It also is interesting to see that it is my job to make it easy for other people to see that as well. I love learning from the scriptures and modern-day counsel and applying it into my life and the life of others. This can be done everyday. I will miss drinking some good ol’ hot chocolate this Christmas but drinking a cold açaí smoothie will have to do. Hope you all have a holly jolly Christmas!
-Elder Cetraro

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