Monday, July 22, 2013

Hello Family and Friends!
WOW this week was a wonder. So just to let you all know. I know that mission numbers don’t mean much to you but to a missionary, they mean a lot. So I have actually been working really well with numbers this last transfer. In my zone, we are up there you know. But this last week our Bishop challenged us to do 30 lessons in a week. For us, usually we get an average of 4 lessons a day and around 20 a week. We always talk to a LOT of people but keeping commitments is not a strong point here. So we accepted the challenge, and we made it a goal. Last week in President’s email he put "Faith+Goals+Action=Success" So we put this into effect and WOW did miracles happen. That first day we had 9 lessons. It seemed like everything was working perfectly and people were just appearing to be taught. When Friday came around, that is when it hit me. We were going to break the excellence standard! President always reminds us, 10 lessons with members, 15 other lessons, and 25 new investigators each week... and sure enough we did more! So I was shocked that the moment came. I reached excellence. And I try to say that with all humility. I know those numbers happened because Heavenly Father found us worthy to earn them. I was honored. So really, things are going good. I am so happy that I have reached this point. I really hope now I can make a difference in this Ward, in our Zone, in our Mission, and most importantly the lives of all the many people we teach. I know we are here to save souls, and that we really do have a big influence on the salvation of others when we really dedicate ourselves to it. I don’t think there is a greater honor. 
So that was our week. Also we are teaching a whole lot more families and couples. We might even do some marriages this transfer. So it is going well here. But yeah. Hope y'all continue on having a great summer! Thank you for everything!
-Elder Zac Cetraro

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