Monday, August 12, 2013

Well hey there!
Wow, summer is still going. Sounds like the kids could be having the best summer of their lives. Ha I’m even getting a bit jealous. And that’s strange, because I thought nothing beats missionary work! It’s weird to think about school. It seems so far a way. I don’t feel so much like a kid anymore... I actually want to go to school!

Anyways, as for your questions. It turns out that he (the child that drowned) was found shortly after the photo, everyone was searching for him. They had some lifeguards there and it sounds like they did 30 minutes of CPR and when it was time to do the shocky dealio it was advised not to do it.

But as for the area, I stuck with the thought of Gordon B. Hinckley that I love, "Put your trust in God" and things weren’t as bad as they seemed they were. But the thing is we didn’t work much in Expedicionários this week. Both of the Sister’s companionships had their greenie being a sickie, so they all passed the whole week in the hospital. But it was a miracle how everything worked out. Since I was able to work in one of the wards I was able to continue the work and help a lady prepare for baptism for this week and some brothers for next week. It was good and kinda cool to work in the new area, but it was just a little weird because I felt like I was kinda working not full-heartedly because of our unsure future. I didn’t have that full zing of proclaiming the gospel that I usually did, but it was a very good week still.

The Sisters are better now, and they should be working this next week. My companion is getting a little sick. I hope it goes away. Sister Bailey’s Mom passed away. She told me and Elder Medrado privately, but usually she has been calling my comp for support, which makes sense since they are in the same boat.

I did get to travel plenty this week and we used the buses a lot. We always have a Book of Mormon in hand so it’s good to read and to do contacts. I have a goal to memorize the chapters (what happens in each chapter) of the Book of Mormon. I’ve got up to the book of Mosiah down.

Besides that, Sunday was really good. It’s crazy because the ward is super happy and super excited to have us in the ward, but I think it’s a bit sad because it is probably just for a week or so. The baptism was funny because the woman I baptized, Mara, is pregnant, and she is big in general. The font wasn’t full, so we ended up doing the baptism sitting down. It was great and she thought it was pretty special. Besides that, P-day was chill today and we have zone conference and transfers this next week. So yeah! I would say that’s my update for the week.
Love ya Fam!
-Elder Zac Cetraro

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