Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 17, 2014

Hey there!!
First of all I would like to thank everyone for all the cards that are coming in (including Christmas because I don’t know if I thanked everyone or not). But Cards/Letters are awesome and it makes me remember the awesome life that I left behind me (not in a trunky way but in a grateful way). It means a lot because I know sending a letter is asking a lot in the modern click-send world we live in.

Woo! So I will give a little update on the week. So Monday I was down with a strong cold, but it seems like when I get sick, it just hits me hard and I hurry and get over it. I was perfectly healthy again by Wednesday to give the training. The other Elders aren’t as lucky, they grabbed the same cold and it is draggin’ out.

So yeah, some of the highlights of the week would be. First, the exchanges. I love doing exchanges and spending time and getting to know the Elders in the Zone. I did an exchange Wednesday with Elder Galvão who we really don’t know too well because the District Leader Elder Borges does such a good job taking care of them. He taught me to always listen to the spirit even if it means knocking on a door. He found a giant family of 8 adults this week when he randomly stopped to clap hands at a random door. There was nobody inside but he continued on... and sure enough somebody showed up. The next morning I taught him a bit of how we can teach lessons using the needs of the person. For example, he was teaching someone who drinks, for 2 weeks without teaching about the Word of Wisdom. I taught how we can mix the lessons and teach the doctrines of the Word of Wisdom while teaching the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, and the gospel. I think on my mission this has really been a strong point of mine; when I can really focus on the needs of the people I am teaching and really see how the gospel can apply especially for that person. 

My companion came back from that exchange knowing how to make crepes and mmm... they are soooo good with Nutella. The best part of the week would have to be when we made the effort to baptize Luiz Alan and Alanice. They already went to church a couple times but we never really focused on them before. But this week we decided to, and to our surprise... it all went super smooth. The best part was when I made a work sheet for Espírito Santo to do with them together. They had a Study Guide of the pamphlets to help them prepare for the baptismal interview. Ha, to our surprise they studied very diligently and were very ready for the interview. I am super happy that slowly but surely the family of our recent convert are being converted as well!

Anyways... I got to go, I spent a good part of the day in downtown, doing stuffs. It was fun!
But thank you for everything and have a great week!

-Élder Zac Cetraro

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