Monday, March 17, 2014

Muuuuuiiittooo Bom!!!
You know, my whole mission I have always had the belief that having a girlfriend while on the mission is not the best. But I remember one pro that I always noticed about the Elders with girlfriends. When they get good news from the girls, they get happy, and then they work good. Ha, but now I believe, who needs a girlfriend?!  I always get good news from the family, and I get happy!! Ha, I am sooo happy that my family has been so blessed during my mission. I know missionaries whose families are going through many tribulations while their kids are serving. It has been good for the Smith family since I have been gone. Awesome! Thanks for all the good news.

Anyways, for this week. This week was the last week of Elder Christiansen, and I’m not going to lie, it got a bit trunky. He tried to treat it as if it were just another week, but I don’t like that. When it is your last, you need to give your best!! We’ll see how it goes when I get there. Ha, but it was a very good week though.  Today in the Center I bought another Hammock (great.. I have 2 now!) and some cultural food... mmmm. 

I think Tuesday was one of my best days in my mission. First of all, we prepared training. I loved this training, and I think it was one of my best since I have been a Zone Leader. My companionship with Elder Christiansen has probably been the one with the most unity, especially in our teaching. But sometimes he would get lost, and especially in the trainings, but this time we prepared the training together and more importantly I helped him memorize it. So it went very well on Wednesday. But anyways, Tuesday was awesome because of the training preparation, but more because that day we marked 2 people for baptism this week (sadly it didn’t work out). Then after we had the Quorum President with us and we had 3 couples agree to get married and be baptized. This last Sunday we had 4 couples at church.... oh man! That was awesome! We had a lot of members and leaders very impressed and thank us for the work we have been doing, it was great. 

Ha, so Elder Christiansen left. I don’t know if you noticed but I have lived with him since October, so about 6 months. It was great to have him as a companion. He was a very loyal companion, and I could really feel of his love for me. He had his difficulties, but really it didn’t matter, he was a great companion. The mission is great.

Anyways, for transfers, about half the zone left. I am excited though, it’ll be good to be here and help direct these Elders to have success in their new areas and to help them make these changes. I’d like to ask you all as well to pray to help the Elders in my zone to baptize.  Por favor. My companion is Elder Packard, from Florida. I’ll tell you more next week, but he likes StarWars, so I’m psyched!
Alright, Love you all, and have a Great St. Patricks day! =D

-Elder Zac Cetraro

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