Monday, April 8, 2013

…As for the work, this week was actually a very, very different week for us. It was kind of refreshing, ya know? I felt inspired in our weekly planning on Tuesday just to focus EVERYTHING on General Conference this week. So we made a HUGE list of everyone we knew. From our investigators now, to our old investigators, to less active members and also very active members. We wanted to give everyone the chance and the invite to hear the Prophet’s voice. We invited many members to do as we were doing and try to bring someone to Conference. I felt a renewed force inside me while we did this and I know that God was happy that I was reaching out to ALL His children. I also was very surprised that I haven’t included the General Conference talks into my study. I did like 2 weeks straight of studying the talks after the last Conference but then I burned out. I will definitely plan my study to be better these next 6 months and try to use as much as I can out of the new talks we received this last week. WOW it was good, and I felt prayers answered in every talk. It’s awesome when you have your mind on helping others because you really do see and LEARN a whole lot more. My challenge to my family is to do at least 1 FHE every month and to go over a Conference talk and really try to apply it in your lives. I know we need these things in our lives, but it requires a little more than just listening to it a couple of times; but discussing and setting goals, and many other things to study it out.

As for those two other ladies, Mom thank you so much for your prayers and I credit all the good things that happened to them this week to you. Lucia, the Mom of our Sunday school teacher actually went to 2 sessions. (Which is tough for even active members here) We only planned Sunday night, but she went to Saturday night and the first two talks were very clear for her. Lindalva went as well Sunday, but I know this week we are going to work hard to help the two recognize their answers. Besides that though, we had a couple surprises that I sent in these photos. One was a family that we stopped teaching a while ago. They ended up going! Also we had these two men come who I hope we will baptize next week. Ha, they came more dressed up than we did! The older man Francisco is going to be the next Bishop, omgosh, he is so good. And this member girl invited two elects to church and we taught them the BEST 2 Restoration lessons I think we have ever taught. Wellington, the tall model looking guy got baptized and he went to every session! Pedro is planning on being baptized next week. But it is amazing what a little invite can do right?
But yeah, good stuff.
I love you Mom, I love my Family, I love my Life, and I love the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
-Elder Cetraro

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