Monday, April 15, 2013

HA!! Thanks for the countdown. 300 days... Wow. I remember when you told me about my first 100 days. Ha, which means I am only 65 days away from 1 year... HOLY SMOKES!!

WOOT! WOOT! for G-ma and G-pa! That makes me very happy that they are serving! I am sure they will learn and grow tons in the service of the Lord. I hope they will receive as much spiritual blessing as I have.

Alrighty, well for this week and to answer some of your questions. First of all, laundry is 10 times more chill here. The water isn’t super sketchy like in Juazeiro. So every morning on P-day usually I throw my whites in, make breakfast, write some letters, and throw in my colors after. It’s very nice. Doing laundry isn’t that bad after all. Ha, as for my hair, I still have the same philosophy as before the mission. Cut it long, so I can really let it grow. I have a schedule for cutting my hair, as you know, I am always the last person to say... hmmm my hair is getting long. So what I do is always cut it a week or so before Zone Conference so like every 3 months. Ha, actually my last 2 haircuts have been from Elders who have a hair trimmer. Ha! So it comes out a little ugly. Short hair on me in general is pretty ugly so what the heck, ha.

As for baptisms, the kid Pedro got baptized yesterday. I think I sent you a photo last week of him and his friend Wellington that were both baptized the last two weeks because their little friend, Evelin made the invite! It was awesome though because we basically did nothing. He came ready, we taught the first lesson, and he was only here on the weekends so he was reading and praying, and his friend checking in on him basically did everything. Yesterday was Fast and Testimony Meeting and I was so happy to see Evelin bear her testimony of missionary work and how she planted a seed a year ago and now Pedro is getting baptized. Then following her, Pedro bore his testimony that he KNOWS this church is true. WOW. I don’t think I have ever had a baptism bear their testimony before. It was perfect. Pedro was so grateful to me (I don’t know why) and I know that he will be going places in the Church.

As for the rest of the’s going! Laiz’s Mom told us that she made the decision to return back to church. She said she recognizes the great influence she has on her family and she knows that her family is suffering since they are outside of the church. I heard the lesson was very good and spiritual, but sadly I wasn’t there because I was on a division.

Also.... You probably don’t want to hear this, but I had WORMS this last week! Ha, last Saturday I had a stomachache and other problems and Tuesday we looked in our water and found that there were worms swimming around. I then checked in my camelback and sure enough there were a couple in there too! Yikes! Ha, luckily I have an awesome Mission Mom, Sister Souza, and she knew exactly what to give me. I am all cured right now but it was just reaaally weird though because this whole last week I didn’t have an appetite. It was like the first time in my life I really didn’t feel like eating food like that!

Anyways, transfers are next week, and there are definitely going to be some changes since our area is getting split and we are getting two new Elders. So it will be an interesting week wrapping up things here.

Love you all! Tchau!
-Elder Cetraro

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