Monday, June 17, 2013

Hey there Famalee!
How yer doin?? You liked the surprise phone call from the Bishop? We had a meeting with the Bishop this week and I guess he has an app that allows him to call the United States for free. Ha, I think it was more he likes to practice his English more than anything so he thought he would call you guys up. We almost did it yesterday for Father’s Day but we forgot. I think I got a little jealous, I started to sweat and all watching someone talk to my family, ha. But yeah, tell Dad Happy Father’s Day!

Wow, week 2 for you guys. I can definitely see that you guys are being blessed physically and spiritually. I think I would love to have part in the move and meeting every one, but then again, it seems like a lot of work organizing things, and I’d probably have to help even though I suck at it. You guys have cool firesides and camps to keep you busy up there so that is very good. I can’t believe that Riley will bless the sacrament and be driving, and WORK?!?! Hahaha alright stop right there... Riley working... now that will be good for him.

Well, my week was very interesting! It started out very slow I think because I did some Portuguese test along with some other American Missionaries at a college campus Tuesday. Ha, wow. I can honestly say I felt a little trunky there. The whole campus scene brought me back to what I would be doing if I wasn’t on the Mish. I thought it was funny because I really got that "Doing a Test" Buzz that I am sure I only get when I take a test. I love taking tests! Ha, so that was fun. It was cool because I got to see Elder Hodson. I probably won’t have another opportunity to see him again.

We also received a new Sister in our district. Sister Bailey (relative of the Prophet) will now train the new American and next transfer train two more. The wave is coming! For us, this week we focused a lot on our two little baptisms. I don’t know if I told you but we have a member who is like the neighborhood mom who brings a bunch of kids to church. There was one little hyper cute girl, Mayara, who already has been coming for 2 months. Last Sunday she said she wouldn’t go to church and instead she would go to the beach with her family. We told her she can’t be baptized if she does that... and guess what she did... she went to church. Ha, so there at church she got all happy and is asking me... Can I get baptized now?!?!  So we taught her every day this week and it was funny helping these two little ones learn about Joseph Smith, repentance, baptism and the commandments. (I showed them an example of me taking someone’s coke and then feeling bad and giving it back and saying I would never do it again, and then it is hilarious to see that every time I ask what is repentance they tell this example exactly how I did.) The little Rafael said he was super nervous, so I told him to pray and ask God to see what he thinks. The next day he said he wasn’t nervous anymore because he felt that God approved, Sweet huh? It was cool because it was 1 month of mission for my comp yesterday and it was his first baptism. We both gave a talk yesterday at the baptism. The parents of both children came, they were very flaky before so that’s why we really didn’t get to teach them, but I could tell they really felt the spirit there so maybe now the door is a little wider opened. It was funny to see the reactions of the two little ones after the baptism. The little girl I baptized went swimming afterwards.... how embarrassing... and little Rafael said he wanted to do it again. 
So yeah. I think that sums it up for my week. I love you guys, I can’t believe it will be 1 year this week, I am excited! tchau!
-Elder Zac Cetraro

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