Sunday, June 9, 2013

…So I decided I feel really removed from you guys, So I want you guys to all write me a letter this month. It’s summer, and letter writing is a very lovely thing to do on a nice sunny morning. Ha, my greenie was telling me how weird it is to be away and I felt like I couldn’t sympathize with him, I feel really distant from my old life. Ha, I thought it was very cool though that a year ago yesterday I entered the temple, and here this next year is when all the mission jumble started to happen. But anyways...

Sorry! I forgot to bring my camera today, so I can’t show you pictures of my new companion.  I thought it was amazing since the first moment I met him how he really could be my son! Ha, we are alot alike. His name is Elder Alves, and he is a little bundle of joy. Ha, They probably gave me the most Sunshiny of the group of 25 peeps there. He also was DL in the MTC and he has a great desire to serve, serve, serve. He is a little forgetful like me, and is super optimistic. He never stops complimenting me, and telling me how grateful he is to be my "son" WOW. I love the little guy.

So as for the week, it was a little slow getting everything going. It was a little sucky because I had a big cold my first two days. I REALLY like our Bishop, Bishop Feitosa. He seems like a very playful punk type of guy, but I like it. He was a very good missionary and you can see how it transferred over to being a very good bishop. He is super organized and he helped us a ton this week giving us tours, giving us numbers, introducing us to people, and even one night he drove me to the pharmacy and brought me a ton of medicine. The members here also, are great! There are eager to give us references and help us out. Funny thing is with all of that though, the ward still is pretty small. The attendance is like 60 people. So I really hope I can help them out a lot.

So how is it going being a trainer and everything? Well, I really feel like Heavenly Father on top of all my other responsibilities has put one more. BE A BATIZADOR! Really, I feel like every thing is set up perfectly for us to have success, now really I just need to fire up and GO. I like training a lot because how I am, I like to tell people how to do things. Ha, it is a very natural part of me and just about every other minute I go into lecture mode with him. The awesome thing is, he loves it! Ha, so that is good. I know God has invested a lot in me and that now is my moment to shine, I will work harder now than any other time of my mission, I will work with all my Heart, Mind, Might, and Strength. Things are only looking up from here.
-Elder Zachary Cetraro

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