Monday, September 2, 2013

Hey there!
Helloo!! So I decided that maybe I am starting to get a little homesick..... in my dreams! Ha as you know, I dream every night here in Brazil and I can’t recall them all right now but I know just about every night it has had a lot to do with home and you guys. It is kinda weird though. My old life really does seem like a dream. Really far off and almost not real. Huh... anyways...

Okay, you had some questions! Yaay! So I will try to answer those while telling you about my week. So last P-day I forgot to tell you, but the day was basically a day of spring cleaning. WOW! And most of it was in my luggage. I really think it was the first time I actually did a good clean out and organization of my luggage. I put all my clothing in the big bag, which if I fold the clothes it doesn’t get too out of control. But the real mess was in the medium bag, which has been my "Little Pharmacy" bag and Book/Media library. Wow, I sorted through that and discovered some nifty things my Mom packed for me! I think maybe I will start to use some of it. Ha and yeah my little bag has all the little things I use often like socks, garments, and yeah..

Anyways... as for the week. So it was a bit tough this week I will be honest.  Like I have said, we haven’t gotten into the groove yet this week. And well my companion doesn’t speak much Portuguese and neither is he super eager to speak in general so this week I kinda felt alone. But this last weekend I started to throw him in to do contacts, to get him speaking. You really have to trust in the other person, even though you know that you could do it better, you have to do it for his growth. So yeah... Luckily we had Gabriel, a boy in the Ward who is awaiting his mission call, who wants to do 3 splits with us a week. So he did 2 with us this last week.... and he teaches really well. Sadly though, I feel like my comp has been a little excluded and I don’t know what to do to help him. I can teach the language really well to him, but it is him that determines how much he speaks. So I will have to help him practice since he doesn’t have that desire to converse or jump in and teach. But he is a great guy. It really isn’t that bad because if you know me, I like to do everything myself anyways so maybe that is the big problem.

You asked if I am needing or missing anything. I will think about that this week. Bishop asked for candy and I was like psshh, candy?? Who needs that junk? But one of our roommates just got a package of American candy and OOOMMMGGG.... it is sooo good... Freak, it is heavenly. Even the Red Vines, which I thought was a lousy candy that only Dad likes to eat, tasted good! Ha, so feel free to send a bit of candy in packages if you want. But yeah.

Well, the weather I am totally used to. I ate Brazilian pancakes yesterday and they are delicious, you will have to try it out some time. And yeah, well I got to go. But have a good week!

-Elder Cetraro

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