Monday, October 14, 2013

So this was a good week. Ha, it is kinda funny, no one in this house before knew how to cook, so my house doesn’t have gas for the stove.  So I have been eating pretty poor this last week. Just papaya with oatmeal, and butter on toast.  I am definitely going to buy some gas this week.

So let’s see, this last week we gave the Zone Training, and who shows up to watch but President Souza.  So that was good, I then did another exchange with Elder Pedrosa and basically I passed all the investigators that I passed last week that went to Conference. It’s sad because there is one lady who knows that everything is true, but doesn’t want to change. But there was one family that absolutely loved it! One of the women, a sister of a kid they baptized yesterday loved the value that the apostles give to women. I know that women are sometimes devalued, but here it is ten times worse. This young 22 year old mom heard these words of great hope for the first time in her life. It was amazing how immediately she started dressing more modest after. We are so blessed to be born knowing our worth.

It was good this last Sunday because I finally got to know the ward a bit. It looks like they want me to play piano in Sacrament. Ha! Eita... I played the first hymn a bit sketchy.  I was so nervous but we made it through, but luckily the last hymn was “I know my Redeemer Lives” one of my favorite hymns, so I played that one really well.  I was then Invited to play a couple hymns in the primary program Yaay!

Well yeah, that was my week pretty much. I love you all and have another great week!

-Elder Zachary Cetraro

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