Monday, October 7, 2013

Ha heyya Mamãe!

Ha, you know it! Of course I enjoyed singing that song (There is Sunshine in my Soul). I was with 4 other Americans in a small little room, but I belted out that song! Ha, I sure am a loud singer... have I always been? But yes, it’s good to be able to sing my theme-hymn in English after so much time. I even commented to the Elders, I bet my Mom is crying right now, maybe you didn’t, you have gotten a little tougher haven’t ya? A little more ready for when we send Riley off!

I loved Conference... of course!! I have always said that Conference is the closest thing to a Holiday Break that we get here on the mish, for a weekend we just have to take people to church and let the Apostles and Prophets do all the work. I felt a little bit bad though because last conference I used the opportunity to answer the questions of my investigators, but this week I basically didn’t even know anyone or our investigators, so I just had to encourage the Elders in the Zone to do so.

It was cool because Friday, I did my first split in the last 3 months, Wow, I forgot  how much I freakin love splits. The Assistants (One being Elder Galves now) came here to help Elder Wadsworth find a new house, so we could put some Sisters here in the zone. (The mission is going crazy because we will have 58 new missionaries in the next two transfers and we don’t even have houses to put them in) And I stayed with Elder Pedrosa, and we passed a bunch of his investigators to invite to Conference. But something interesting happened. As we were passing everyone, I felt inspired to also invite everyone to baptism and mark a baptismal date. So I did and I marked baptisms for 4 different people. I have never really been so bold like that, I believe that it comes with being a leader. Sometimes God empowers you to be the example He needs to give to others. It was great to see how because of this good work, Elder Wadsworth & Elder Pedrosa took more investigators to Conference then the whole Zone put together! It is great because they were getting a bit discouraged but I hope this lifts up their faith.

As for me, I feel like we could of done more. I will have to really pump some good work in this week. I felt like this last week we were doing more visiting or you could say "Home Teaching" (Arrive, chat, chat, chat, short message, tchau) than actually preaching. But it’ll work out. I also went to a counsel of the leadership of the mission, and it was super sweet. (I felt like I was part of a 'Jedi Counsel')  As for Conference itself, I had a lot of answers as well. I found a good theme of  Priesthood Power and My Load is Light. Two things I was looking for. It was cool because Tiara showed up there as well, she even tried to watch a bit in English. She’s awesome. 

I guess I could tell you a bit about my Companion, Elder John Taylor Soares. He is a short, little, but very cool sly guy. He has a very dry humor and he likes to chat on the phone at night. He has 1 year and 8 months on the mission and we are getting along really well. He is a good companion. I like him.

By the way I would like to follow-up on my challenge to all of you that I made a little while back about you all having personal missionary moments. Did you not listen to Conference! You guys need to get in there as well! Elder Ballard’s talk was very good. Don’t be scared to pray for missionary moments knowing that you will receive them.

I love you guys and keep me updated with everything! 
Tchau Minha Família Eterna!
-Élder Zachary Cetraro

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