Monday, November 4, 2013

Heeey Ther Fama,

I’ll fill y'all in a bit about my week. This week, I actually got a little reflective on everything. I looked back and thought about the spirit that I have carried my whole mission. It has really been one of  “dedication”. So I know that my dedication has been a way to show my love here on the mission. But definitely I will look for other ways to show my love for others. Elder Soares said that I am all "Accelerated" and I felt a little bad. But then I thought it was funny, what was the theme for the Zone Training this next Month? "Accelerate the Work" Ha! 

So it was very cool this Halloween this year. Because I was there in the leadership counsel where they had a lot of changes. A lot was about how we need to focus on our investigators in our studies. I liked it a lot. I learned we can show our love to the investigators through our concern and studies that we do for them, also that we need to be converted to the lessons that we are teaching. The standards of how many lessons were changed, and the work is being accelerated. Good thing I am an accelerated person, right?

Fernanda got baptized and Sunday was actually pretty special. Fernanda is the  cousin of a return missionary in our ward, Eduardo.  It was Eduardo who took her to church and stuff. Well this last weekend, the missionary who baptized him and his wife and parents came. It was very special to see the chain of testimonies that there was. Through the parent’s testimony, the missionary gained his testimony, through the missionary’s testimony, Eduardo gained his testimony, and through Eduardo’s testimony Fernanda gained a testimony and was being baptized.

Well yeah, this is the last week of the transfer and we shall see how all these changes in the mission will go. I am excited! Thanks for everything you guys and have a great week. Love you all!
-Elder Zachary Cetraro 

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