Monday, November 11, 2013

Heellllloooooo Family!!
I am super happy and excited today! Ha, transfers always are exciting!  The best thing is this week our Zone baptized 10 people! So we finished off strong. I also gave a talk this last Sunday that was very good. I decided to follow the Prophet’s lead and talk about the impact doing visits have in the lives of people. Of how we can help in the missionary work if we really are reaching out and being a friend to those around us. I compared it to when Jesus visited here in the Americas and the great impact that it made and really outlined how we can do visits like Christ. The best part about it all was when I was preparing my talk, I could just feel the spirit teaching me all that. It was awesome.

Also we had the baptism of Aline this last week. She was super ready to receive the gospel. She is super excited because she is a fiancé with a less active member. She basically reactivated him and now they are super happy and preparing to go to the temple next year. She came prepared. We taught her like 2 real lessons.

Okay now for transfers. WOW!! So yeah basically, Elder Helvey, my dear housemate, is now Secretary, so I will see him in the Office every week. I got a new companion, Elder Villalba. He was my Zone Leader with Elder Galves there in Expedicionários when I was with Elder Monical. He is from Paraguay and just a giant happy friendly kid basically. He is super funny, and he is just what I need right now. Also my Zone EXPLODED!! It had 10 missionaries last transfer and now it has 18! That is a big jump! WOOOOWWW!!! So I can see that the Lord is really trusting in us now with this great growth that is being given to us!

Elder Cetraro

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