Monday, December 2, 2013

I had to laugh because "Happy December" is exactly how I started off my letter with President Souza. And I thought I would be unique =P.

Happy December right back at ya. Wow, strappin’ in, and getting ready for the season of trunkiness to come in! Ha, but I know that is just because the Christmas spirit reminds me of home, but I will try my best to convert this spirit of Christmas to the spirit of bringing souls unto Christ. 

So I will get started on my week. Something that is funny now that I am a Zone Leader. Before I was known to be a dedicated Elder because I was right on with the whole missionary routine. Ha, but now that I am a Zone Leader I don’t think I have had one normal morning yet! First of all we suffered this last week because our Weekly Planning time was used with figuring things out for Conference and helping out the Sisters and talking about the Zone. I did an exchange with a District Leader Elder Kauffmann who was being trained in our house in Expedicionários when I was training Elder Medrado. He is so young on the mission, and he has the burden that I had when I had a year on my mission. So it really became obvious how much I need to lift up our leaders here in the Zone.

Thanksgiving..... was special indeed!! It was our Zone Conference!! Wow it was great! It was funny because President Souza called my name out as an example 3 times. Once, because I am "well-adapted" to the mission, the other is because I am an "Explosive Leader", and the other because I am "Happy & Elevated". I didn’t know President thought so well about me. Ha, but it was good to relax and socialize a bit. I will miss Elder Lopez who is the best image of a missionary of Power and Authority. He has been our Assistant since Elder Reynolds left and he has been great. He talked a bit about planning. It was great.

So yeah we baptized a family. Friday was sweet because me and Elder Villalba went to do the wedding downtown. We got to study a bit in a little park.
I think I need to credits are gone?
Love you all, until next week!
-Elder Zac Cetraro

p.s. I ate piranha this week, best exotic food!

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