Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

…..That is cool about the Brigham City Temple. I will have to check it out when I return! I hope they have a Temple soon here in Fortaleza ;) It’s under construction. There also was about 1 million Catholics visiting my town this week so is was overflowing... kinda cool.
         Ha! My companion is trying to go on a diet right now. I told him he should just stop eating sweets. But when he went shopping the other day he bought about 4 rolls of cookies. He says cookies aren’t considered sweets here because everybody eats them. Hahaha, which is true, they have a whole aisle here dedicated to just rolls and bags of cookies.
         So about the work. I am doing really well. Everybody tells me I am going to be a great missionary and they can’t believe I have only been here for a month. The language is pretty good. Inside of lessons I can usually say and testify about anything. The Lord helps with that I´m sure. I am working and studying hard though. In the morning and nights I am constantly studying or writing or doing something.
         One thing that is super hilarious is that everyone wants all my stuff. You did a good job soupin’ me up with good stuff. My comp wants my shorts and Camelback, and the other wants my ties and watch, and the other wants my iPod. His name is Elder Santos da Silva, he is like my best friend here. I don´t really need an iPod here and they don’t have them in Brazil so yeah.
Anyways...   I’ve got to go but I love ya!

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