Sunday, November 25, 2012

Some more photos from the Sao Paulo MTC (CTM)
My MTC companion - Elder Anderson
Where my District members are going to
In my classroom I was positioned perfectly so I could behold the gorgeous sunsets every day - Sao Paulo 
Elder Pazini - My companion for 8 hours between the MTC and Fortaleza
Zac's good friend at the MTC - Elder Boehme
Dancing with Elder Silva - He would always enter our room and start singing my name and dancing
MTC President and his wife - Ralph and Maryann Degn (from Wellsville)
The missionaries heading to Fortaleza - Zac is the only North American
The coolest Janitor ever!
My last batch of Brazilian roommates playing some beats
My first day proselyting in Sao Paulo while at the MTC
Zac's MTC District and Teacher - Irmao Israel

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