Tuesday, November 20, 2012

WOW!! =) Well I am happy today not just for the great news I have seen from you but from my friends!! I had Tay, Brady, and Scott write me!  So that started the week off good. =) And ooooh boooyy, what a loong week it was - in a good way! I am amazed at all the work we fit into one week! When today arrived I was so surprised that it has only been one week.

So my Comp rocks! He is a total Zoobie (Epitome of a BYU person) but it is all good cuz I like him and he likes to work. He is seriously my hero. My prayers and dreams have been heard of being the best missionary because he is really showing me how the work should be done. We doubled or tripled the numbers I would expect with Elder Galves. So it has been good, and I am still alive. I just hope that I can catch on to this.

Something that is cool. Elder Orchard and Elder Burnham and I are the oldest in the zone now (of being HERE ya know) so it is really cool how I have a lot of responsibility and say now. All the members know me, I know where things are, and yeah, I kind of feel like a leader already´;)

But Yeah, that’s great to hear about music. Honestly, I think some of my most spiritual moments have happened because of music. It really takes it to the soul. I am surprised to see that my skills and understanding of music are growing. I might actually return a better piano player! =D

Anyways... I am loving the mission. I am loving the mission life, and I am really having a lot of fun with my Americans =) and we speak only Portuguese! Crazy huh? Anyways, I have got to write some of my other homies, but happy Thanksgiving, don’t you worry I am stuffed like a turkey every day! We don’t need that silly holiday here =P

Eu Te Amo! =) -Elder Cetraro

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