Sunday, November 25, 2012

Photos from Juazeiro do Norte - Elder Cetraro's first area.

 Dressing up like each other for Halloween
Swapped name tags - no one noticed

Elder Cetraro overlooking Juazeiro do Norte

Elder Cetraro blowing his own horn

Elder Cetraro and Elder Galvez out on the road together

My first baptism- Adriano Cardosa do Nascimento

Elder Cetraro and other Missionaries at Adriano's Baptism
Bottling Factory

Suiting up for the tour of the water/cajuinha factory

I baptized Jose Jackson Costa do Santos (16) and my companion baptized Natanael Bezerra da Silva (19)

Suit'n up after baptism - Their member friend is in the middle who brought them to church

Party after the baptism
McDonalds... It was a big deal for everyone else but it was normal and expensive for me

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