Friday, February 15, 2013

Alrighty -
Dang it, I am in a rush today and I had a ton to tell you. Oh well, Advice is better than gossip. Anyways, minha nossa! It was an awesome week! We are trail blazin' here in Fortaleza. Ha one thing is for sure, it isn’t as hot here. I noticed that today doing laundry, and lack of sweat marks! It is super windy here but it is a glorious warm wind. Awesome.

Our focus this week was to gain the trust of the members and doing 10 contacts every day (we had an apostolic promise if we do 10 contacts everyday we will baptize every week) and it looks like we might have a baptism this next week! (Ironic, not from the contacts, but hey, that is how God sometimes fulfills his promises.)

I gave my first talk this last Sunday in Sacrament meeting. First talk in Portuguese! Ha, and it went long enough I had to receive a note that time was up. I gave a talk on putting our trust in the Book of Mormon. I started reading last Conference and I am trying to finish before this next one, I am at 3 Nephi 7 now, it is getting intense. Funny thing was that there were only 30 people in Sacrament meeting. Ha, it is Carnival right now and it isn’t crazy at all right here. Just kids throwing flour and eggs at each other and everyone is travelling. So yeah. I am taking care of the Castelão and Jardim Castelão wards.

Besides that I just got really sick this week. Looks like my golden digestive track broke down.
Anyways, I think I am going to wrap it up there, Love you!

(P.S. pesto and hot sauce would be awesome to send and ranch doesn´t exist here as well)

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