Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Booa Tardeee!! How is it goin’ Fam Fam? I kinda get the feeling like you guys are getting winds of change there aren’t ya? I guess you can say I am feeling it too. Haha, don’t you worry Mom, I will never go slacker out here. I am going to hit one third of the mission this week (There will actually be a Zone Conference this week, first one in Fortaleza. It is a whole lot bigger here, we will see like half the mission n nice food n stuff, nice way to celebrate, eh?) And I’ve got even more fire in my bones than ever before! (The next big land mark will be ONE YEAR. Oh my gosh, it is flying by quick isn’t it?)

The members are great, I got to meet a lot of them this week. It is kinda crazy working with two Wards; they are both small and lacking on callings. You can really tell that here is a project that will need some nice hard work! There is an apostle promise that whoever does 10 contacts every day will have a baptism every week. I have been focusing a lot on that, and wow!! I’m not afraid anymore. So it is really great, I am feeling like a confident missionary, but it really will take divine help to give the success that this Ward needs.

So one thing kinda cool this week is the rain. And OMGOSH it was fun. Usually it just rains hard during the mornings while we are studying. But one morning we went out to work and it POURED! WOW! My little umbrella helped keep my backpack dry but I got SOAKED. Ha I liked it. I didn’t like it when I found out a little bit of my scriptures got wet though. (don´t worry I am using that waterproof sac). It was a treat; I took a shower under some drains just for fun, ha!

Yaay! You got the letter and the package! =) Just imagine I sent that for your birthday Mom! I will try to do another one maybe around Christmas, but I hope you are enjoying it. If you have any requests let me know because it was REALLY hard to shop for you guys, I really didn’t know what to get.

That is awesome about the new bishopric. Lol, I think the Young Men’s is a training grounds for bishoprics in our ward. That is cool; give Jeremy and Eric a Parabéns for me.

Maybe this week I will get some packages. Ha, I don't have anything planned for my P-day B-day yet, but I’m sure someone or myself will throw something sweet together! Well I’m going to email Dad a bit. Love you and Happy birthday!
-Elder Cetraro

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