Monday, February 4, 2013

Zac with Zone Leader Around Christmas Time

Urandy and Ivana - A Couple That Takes Good Care of the Missionaries
Spent Christmas and New Year's at Their House

Juazeiro do Norte

Baptizing Frank

Zac at a Seed Cabaca Museum

Zac and Missionaries at the Bus Stop

Dressed in the Armor of Righteousness

Baptizing Princess Camilla

Zac Kissing a Frog He Found in His House

Zac, Socorro, Karol and Elder Hodson

Elders with Donizete - Zac's Baptism and a Favorite Person

Nicest Sidewalk in Juazeiro Do Norte

Monkey in the Trees

Zac and Elders with Agnaldo and Son Being Baptized

Interesting Name for Juice

Saying Goodbye to Juazeiro Families - Many, but not all, of Zac's Converts

Surprise Goodbye Party for Zac

Urandy and Ivana's Surprise Party for Zac

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