Monday, May 27, 2013

Well you think you had a crazy week? Don’t get me started! Ha, It was a very good emotional and exciting week. So as you know I guessed it right, and I was leaving my little beloved area of Jardim Castelão. It was cool though because I did a split with the little greenie companion of Elder McLaws’ and I visited my old Ward, Castelão. I thought it was funny because it really wasn’t even the people that I missed exactly but more just walking around there. It just gives you that weird feeling because you know you have passed sooo much time of your life there. It was quite enjoyable, and it was very nice to be with a greenie, I liked doing the training with him, I felt like I inspired him a little more to do exercises and English study a little bit more.

Saturday though was a day I never will forget in my mission. So in the time that I have spent here in Fortaleza I have really learned a lot about working with the members (ex: ALL my baptisms here came from a referral of a member) and how God really needs us to strengthen their faith as well. It’s hard to be a member here. They aren’t as stable down here and it is crazy how a firm, strong member a few weeks later stops going to church and is openly sinning. My goal for this last transfer was to really get the Ward Missionary Work organized, so that after I leave I know that it will continue and help retain members and make the difference that I know members have in the missionary work. Well after many prayers, fasts and meeting with leaders, we finally had our first activity with the new Ward Missionaries. We had a nice little Churrasco (BBQ) and then we started a little meeting with them. Wow, the Spirit was strong. I felt impressed to talk about the privilege to have a calling and the power that comes from it and how God really strengthens us in our weaknesses in our callings. I got really choked up and stopped when I said, "Not a day passes that I don’t thank God for my Calling". Later after this training, everyone got up and bore their testimonies. The Spirit was really strong and you could feel the missionary work fire starting up in them. With this whole experience I really felt the confirmation that I fulfilled my duty in this Ward and that my time here really made a difference. I know I left that Ward better than I found it. It was surprising too how emotional the members got when I told them the news that I was leaving. Especially my semi-active members that live above us and also that family, the Jalis’, that we had all those fun FHE’s with. It was great!

So now you are probably wondering, what happened now? Well I have to say it was pretty shocking! So the mission split.... I stayed with President Souza; ha, it will be cool though because my first 3 areas are in 3 different missions now. But get this. I was called to open an area (start from scratch, I know I always do this but it is actually rare and is real work). I was called to be Senior Companion, but not only that, I will be training!!! I also was called to be a District Leader over 2 other Elders and 2 Sisters (I heard a rumor that one of them is the granddaughter of the Prophet!) SOOOOOO YEEAAAHH...... EXCITING!! All of these new things on my plate. I will go get my "Filho" tomorrow and then all the fun will begin.

SO, it is now Praying Season for our family. I need your Prayers; I know God called me to do this because He knows I’m able, but I know it will be A LOT. My limits will be stretched no doubt, but I want to pull through it all mightily and baptizing! Alright? So let’s call down the powers of heaven in Fortaleza, I know this could really make my mission, I’m excited.

I love you all and THAT was the Good News for the Day =)
-Elder Cetraro

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