Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10, 2010

Hey y'all! Tudo bom? tudo bem! Hope y'all's summer is going as well as when I left. My... winter? (it is like May weather) down here. The Sao Paulo MTC has been pretty "Legal" as they would say down here. (I guess Legal is cool in Brazil ;) Sao Paulo is a pretty city, and it's sweet because on P-days they let us out and let us wander the streets. It is a whole different world down here. The language is coming along really well and I've made a lot of good buds, especially with the Brazilians. Last night I had to say goodbye to my two cute lil Brazilian roommates =(. I have already been dubbed two nicknames. All the Americans call me C-tro and the Brazilians call me Moroni. lol Well I'm loving all the great things I'm learning and I'm excited to get out to the field! write me for more! ;)
America day was AWESOME!! We sang lots of American songs. And we got everyone to get up and sing the national anthem during lunch although I don't think we were suppose to.. (I think we started a new tradition though because they had the Argentinan's sing their anthem yesterday at lunch for their Independence day) and for lunch we had somewhat of an American meal.. hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, and ICE CREAM! =) That night was the South American cup, Brazil's Corinthinans versus Boca from Argentina? Someone projected the game on a building and so we watched the game and oh my gosh we got our fourth of July fireworks.... ALL NIGHT!! Good stuff. 
Alrighty, well all is good down here I'll have to tell you about my 2nd TRC lesson all in Portuguese. It went AMAZING =) we really do get divine help. 
C’ya and love ya!

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