Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 3, 2012

Heyy Heyyy!! It's been another long and starting to get repetitive week. But it's all good! muito bom! Things are good! I just finished writing back 3 of my missionary friends and you guys. This week has been interesting! We got a new companion. Elder Andres-Miller? We call him Elder hyphen. Yeeea, so now I'm finally in a couple. Fun stuff! The language is coming along good, I have been told by many teachers, Brazilians and other Elders that I am doing really good for being such a noobie! Ha, oh my gosh! I want to figure out a way that maybe you can watch my first TRC. It is where they videotape us giving lessons all in PORTUGUESE!! It was so funny because the investigators were members so they were helping us the whole time. Ha, and out of me and my companion, I did ALL the talking. Very slowly though.
The Brazilians are super fun. We have kind of made a little clique of Elders that all are on our floor and every night they come over to our bedroom and we talk and talk and talk. They are fun, and it's awesome how much fun we can have even though we can barely speak each other's language. Ha, at the same time too, it is a little annoying because we go to bed later than we are suppose to and I try to write letters and work out but they keep pulling me away. Speaking of working out... I have gained weight! Ha about 5-10 pounds I think... but it will definitely just be a phase here at the MTC I promise! We just get fed so much it is kind of annoying. Lunch is like at noon and its big and tasty and then we have dinner again at 4:30, and I'm not even hungry but I pig out once again! It's interesting food, gotta love it =)
I am definitely going to miss my 2 Brazilian roommates. They are leaving next week. They have told me I am their favorite American ;) one speaks (Elder Carlos Tomas I think... he is from Ceara, my area!) alright English and he loves dumb blonde jokes and the other one I just found out is from the Amazon, and he had to canoe to the airport to get here!
Anyways.... That's good to hear from you guys. Poor Keegan in her cast, oh well. Wow, and Camp Cetraro is this week! I was thinking about that! You can tell the Cetraros that I am really enjoying everyone calling me by “Cetraro”. It’s definitely sinking in now. It is weird to think that everyone I meet will know me by that name, it's awesome! Representing it down here in Brazil! Ha, it is funny though, the Americans can't say it down here, but most of the Brazilians say it with ease. I was dubbed elder C-tro last night by one of the Americans! Ha!
Well let me know how everything goes, I am psyched for "America Day" this Wednesday. I hear they try to feed us American food and a HUGE game is going on down the street. Brazil vs. Argentina that night so we will definitely get our fireworks! So yeah!
Gotta go get my Brazilian Cetraro jersey, so peace! Love y'all!

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