Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 17, 2012

So news from me.... it's actually been kind of eventful! Said goodbye to my old roommates. Love those guys... I thought it would be hard to replace them but guess what! My new roommates are soooo COOL! They are from freaking AFRICA! They showed up late Thursday night while we were in bed so I hopped out and helped them. One, Elder Fernades, is 23 and was converted when he was 21. The other is like 20, Elder Freire, and is always laughing. They are so "fixe" (cool) and we became best friends instantly. You guys need to go onto lds.org and watch the new video on the church in Africa and that is exactly how I feel about these guys. They have such powerful testimonies. It just shines through them. They have so little, but they have so much to give. They came here with no money but they have been taken care of by all the Elder friends they have made. They are always bearing their testimonies to us. They speak only Portuguese so it really makes me want to learn more so I can connect with them. The first couple of nights they were here we played a bunch of circle games with them and our other friends that require little or no language.  (We've learned so many fun games this week in class and at night its been so much fun) and I don't think we've ever laughed so hard. Elder Freire laughed so hard he cried.
So that's been fun. Also something big that has happened is this last Sunday I was appointed the DL [District Leader] of our district. Our old DL got bumped up to AP [Assistant to the President] so I got the spot. Sooo yeah. I think I'll do a good job. I've done a lot of the goal setting and getting us to focus in our district. I also know though that I have much to learn and that this calling just means I get to serve more. Which I am ready for.
I love you all, and I hope your summer unfolds with many more adventures =)
Com Amor,
Seu Élder,
Èlder Cetraro!

**Note from the Editor: Here are the links to the videos Zac refers to in the letter above- "Emerging with Faith in Africa."

The Church In Africa Part One
The Church in Africa Part Two: Bernice's Story
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