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june 26, 2012 (zac's first letter!)

Ooops.. clicked a wrong button... kinda weird keyboards here. Anyways...
This has honestly been the longest week of my life! In a good way though,
I can't believe its only been one week, its seems like 3. But you know me
the days are just long because I am constantly doing things, and that's
good! =)
That is cool though that is has been a year for Tay and Ty, flew by quick!
Times that by 2 and that's how long I'm going to be gone. Not bad eh?
There is some simple math for ya!
The MTC has been great. Sao Paulo is a pretty sweet city. I guess it is like
the world's 3rd largest city and I can believe it. I feel like I am in a valley of
skyscrapers because the horizons are just walls of beautiful white
skyscrapers, and it is so pretty. It is kinda like cloud city in The Empire
Strikes back ;). I live in the 7th floor so I've got a fantastic view! I can send
you pictures once I get to Fortaleza. I'd take more, but they have a weird
camera rule (along with many other weird rules) here at the MTC. But yes,
the Mission President is from Wellsville, I haven't talked to him much but
It'll be fun to see if we have any connections.
I am constantly with my district. It consists of the brother and sister from
Provo. A farm boy from Pleasant view, and I have a threesome
companionship with Elder (Christopher) Yost and Elder (Aric) Anderson.
Being in a companionship is HARD!!! I am so independent so I'm always
getting in trouble wandering off without them. It isn't bad besides that, but
I'm sure I'll get use to it.
One of the Coolest things about the MTC here is that half of the kids here
are Brazilian and therefore don't speak English. But everyone (even the
Americans) are super friendly. So I am constantly using and practicing
my Portuguese as I meet these people. I room with 2 Brazilians and they
are sooooo CUTE! They are little and I am always telling them "Eu Te
Amo" (I love you) and they blush up!
The Language is fun! The hardest thing is it is pronounced funny and stuff.
It is soooo much like Spanish though! Kinda good and bad. Because it
seems like half the time I use a Spanish word for something, they correct
me and tell me it is something different in Portuguese. and the other half of
the time I learn a word in Portuguese and its exactly the same as in
Spanish! and I'm like doh, I could of been using that word.
Alrighty it's P-day, so I get to go wander the streets right after this, I think I
might buy a customized Brazilian soccer jersey that will have my name on
it. I'm excited. I also went to the temple today and it was so cool.
Allright, Love y'all! Tenyam um bom semana! Eu Te Amo Muito!
-Elder Zac Cetraro
P.S. I'm not sure if my letter has gotten back yet or not but I actually did a
have a lil panic attack earlier when I couldn't find my slacks. It was more of
this is going to suck wearing the same 2 pairs of pants for the rest of the
summer. But magically the slacks started to appear as I started to pull out
new shirts off the hangar. Hahaha it is real funny now that I look back.

Zac’s updated MTC address:

Elder Zachary Cetraro
Box #24, District 25-A, Brazil MTC
Brazil Fortaleza Mission
Rua Padre, Antonio D’Angelo, 121
Casa Verde, Sao Paulo, SP
Brazil 02516-040
After 8 weeks send all letters directly to the Mission Home

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