Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 14, 2012

"Hey everyone... the day has come, they are releasing me out to the real world!! The MTC has been a great experience for me meeting all the great young adults of the Church and it is going to be hard to say goodbye. But the mission is going to be full of them, ya just gotta make the experiences good! My Portuguese is really good, but I am ready for the transfer of the big dawgs of the MTC to the fresh greenies of the mission field. Just like middle-school to high-school aaall over again. We went proselyting for the first time yesterday and are going again in the center of Sao Paulo next Monday. I loved learning and working and being able to be the DL of my district, a lil’ shout out to them - Elder Anderson, Boehme, Yost, Gee, "Hyphen", Sister Gee and Young.

So we kinda got jipped for our last P-day. We had to go to the Campinas temple today. (Which OMG I loved it! Suuuch a gorgeous temple.) So we returned about two hours later than we usually do, and now we are going to listen to a Seventy who chopped off another hour and a half off our P-day.... oh well!! So yeah, last week here. Kinda crazy, kinda sad. Really excited though. I loved my experience here and I KNOW I worked hard. The calling really works. As soon as I got here I found diligence and focus I didn't know I had. So yeah, I can leave here being as prepared as I could.
Tudo Bem!
Alright... there goes my time... I love you and talk to ya while I am in the field! =D

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