Monday, August 6, 2012

July 29, 2012

MAMA MIAA!!! =D =D me a lova you muito muito!! aaha... Today is a good day! I'm still a little giddy because today for lunch we had noodles of every kind and all sorts of sauces. I put on extra olive oil for Gpa Mike ;). AND we had a delicious dessert. Never is there a good desert AND a good meal. So yeah, awesomeness going on down here =)
[Editor's Note- Zac answers the question "Are you glad you left on your mission 6 weeks early?" in the paragraph below.]
And yeesss! Me and Elder Boehme who came early with me can't stop thinking about it. I can't wait to see the batch of kids who come in tomorrow. I wonder which one would of been my companion??! I'm happy I came down here though. Honestly there is nothing more fulfilling than preparing to serve the Lord. And I kind of love to study!! Just the little nerd I am. Everyone is starting to get sick of studying but I'm diligently still going on. Today I think I am going to finish my 1,200 word dictionary of verbs I've compiled. After all the long processes and editing I've been doing I think a lil’ portion of them have stuck. I am excited for the field of course! The Africans said they flew in through Fortaleza and it was sooo beautiful, and I ran into a person at the temple today who said the Mission President and Wife are the best! Good to know I'll have good mission parents =)
Speaking of the Africans.... they are gone =\ They seriously were amazing kids. Soooo fun. Soooo spiritual. We basically became brothers, and now they are gone! ='( Me and Elder Fernandes were especially close. He was always talking heart to heart with me and last night we all sang some of our favorite hymns together. I will miss them but I definitely think we gave them the blessings they deserved. I think if I could give to anybody, it'd be these boys who are definitely going to be giving their all for the work the next two years.
Olympics eh? That's pretty cool! My teacher fills us in on a lot of news. But yeah, keep me updated on anything cool on my Countries, ha. Oh and you asked about the sister. She transferred a week ahead, about the second week we were here so she could have a companion. She was very emotional about not having one, and you know when the woman is not happy, nobody is. So yeah they bumped her up. Now our district is just a bunch of stinky smelly boys ha.
So stories for this week. Had an eventful weekend. My companion rolled his ankle baaaad. He is on crutches and it looks like he has elephantitis it was so swollen. But we don't think it is broken, so hopefully it heals before he leaves. I gave him a priesthood blessing, which was very cool. We watched a Mormon Message about priesthood blessings afterwards, which brought tears to my eyes, then I read Taylor's letter which brought more, and later on we listened to an amazing conversion story which brought even more. It is a joyous life when you have tears of joy three times a day. =) Have a wonderful week and love ya muito!
-Elder Cetraro!

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