Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 28, 2012

…Campinas (temple) was AWESOME. I loved it there. I might also appear on a cover of a magazine here in Brazil? Proselyting in Sao Paulo was awesome. Downtown was nuts. Really cool, but I only had 30 minutes. Handed out 5 Book of Mormons, it was crazy. The Lord definitely helped because half the people came to me and all were very super nice. A couple things, so my whole flight here and the district I am in now are aaaaallll Brazilians. So I guess the Mission President feels confident in me, which is good. But I’ll have to describe stuff another time, because I am experiencing like 50 technical difficulties and it is hard to trouble shoot on the computer in a different language and I still need to contact the Mission President, but things are good! Tudo bem!

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