Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 7, 2012

   Whaaaatt!!?!?!? China caught back up?! I actually have been following the Olympics this week through the instructors, sounds like it’s been back and forth, nose to nose with USA and China! Crazy.... OH - and I should probably tell you I already have plans for the next summer Olympics. A bunch of us were talking about it since half our district is going to Rio. Since we are all going to be fluent, we were thinking maybe we could try to get jobs as translators down here for the Olympics and it would probably be a free trip down! =D Sounds like a good plan right? Look at me, I already have plans for my future... well at least one thing =P
   Jub Jub got sold eh?? That is good that you sold it... makes me wonder what I am going to do about a car when I get back! I'll miss good ol’ Jub Jub.
   So you are talking in church eh? Well that's awesome! I remember I liked writing talks, it gave me a pretty good excuse to study the gospel, heh =P.  Gosh I'll miss hearing you guys speak. I remember last time Dad talked it
was about tithing and he made me cry... about tithing!! I still remember what it was about though. That we should almost do a ceremony of gratitude every time we pay our tithing. Crazy how I can remember all your life lessons huh?
     I am leaving here to Fortaleza the 21st. So you guys could probably write me one more letter. I sure enjoyed all the letters I got last week from the Jenson family and Riley and aaaaallllll of them told me about how awesome the Dark Knight was and that was it. Awesome. Ha and just a lil’ funny.
     So what's up with me??? uuummmm I don't know this week went by quick. I finished my 1,200 verb dictionary the other night. Crazy thing is I remember most of the useful verbs so I almost don't need it. This last weekend was fast Sunday. I learned a lot about humility. I was sick, hungry and tired... but I have never felt so close to the spirit. I learned I should strive to almost be weak... or more like meek, and this way we will be closer to the Savior and the Lord will use us more as his messengers. Received new Brazilian roommates that will be going to our same mission!
Love you all and have a LEGAL SEMANA!
-Elder Cetraro

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