Monday, March 18, 2013

This week was actually a reeeally good week for us. With the new transfer me and my Comp sat down and reviewed what we can do to improve. The last few weeks I felt like he avoided the improvement subject and I try my best to hold back and not yap at him. I decided to conduct myself well and prayed that the Lord would inspire him to plan a little better with me. Well I was amazed on how well it came out. I didn’t say anything, and he just came out saying all the things I would of said. I learned that it is better to have internal motivation to get people to change than external. So we really focused on having faith in hitting our goals instead of just having faith making them. Even if that means lowering them, it’s better to have goals that are meant to be met. So with our goals and stuff our numbers with lessons and new investigators actually exploded. Best week ever! I hope it continues on!

The spirit is guiding us to some good people. One of our new focuses is a good kid who is 18 years old, who we have worked with a bit. We have had 4 investigator neighbors of his. We realized this week though that the whole reason why we have been there is to help him. We sat down with him and had a real heart to heart with him to help him in this stage of life. I am so happy that he trusted us like that. I am hoping we can help him serve a mission. He isn’t planning on it right now, but he’d be a great one!
So that’s about it, I love you guys,
-Elder Cetraro

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