Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hullo Mumzy!
Eita tudo bem meu?! I’m doing great! Just struggling to type English! Today was a pretty fun P-day I’d say. Ha, very simple though, I watched Tangled today with the two other Elders in my district. It was the first time for the two Brazilian Elders and they loved it. I don’t think you’d ever see 4 young men hootin’ and hollin’, cheerin’ and laughin’ so much about a little Disney movie. Ha, it was fun. After Elder Barreto (who doesn’t speak any English at all) started to sing and rap American music, I would sing and dance along. Such simple stuff, but so fun.

I’m still not impressed with the medicalness here in Brazil. Unfortunately my companion’s kidney stones haven’t left yet and so a couple times this week we had to take it easy. Friday day we were on a split and he was at the other Elder’s place and he crashed in pain. He spent the whole day there while the other Elder’s scrambled to get some medicine for him. He is doing a little bit better now; I think it must come in waves. He just needs to pee the freakin’ thing out!

While I took care of him Friday, I also read the whole book of “Mormon”, as in the actual prophet. I found it very similar to Star Wars Episode 3 in how everyone knows that the Republic/Nephites are going to fall, and it gets very emotional to watch/read it all go down. But you then see it all set up for a Restoration with Luke/Joseph, and oh my I could go on with the Restoration and Star Wars analogy but I will save it for Riley’s next letter.

I’m glad Elder Hodson liked me. He was a Red personality and was the opposite of the Blue affectionness so I couldn’t tell 100%. But I am really glad because he told me he felt unworthy the first time he trained, but surely this time... WOW he trained me good. I am so grateful for his hard work and example. And that he always was trying and willing to help me in my weaknesses. He should be receiving a pile of photos I printed out this week. You can go ahead and tell Elder Hodson’s Mom Diane, that he really REALLY left a big impact on me and my work (which will continue on even after he leaves). Working with him was the highlight of my work there in Juazeiro. He really was an angel companion.

There was one miracle (there’s always many) in the work this week. So happily, Jurandy will not leave!! He has already made a personal study plan and progressed a lot even with us not passing by. We invited his family again this week to church and they turned it down. I don’t know what happened (yet) but they (Mom and Sister) miraculously showed up Sunday and LOVED it. Omgosh, maybe an entire family here, we’ll see! But I got to go. I love you all and I hope many great things unfold for you all as well!
Love yer Son
-Elder Cetraro!

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