Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Alrrriiiighty, so transfers were today. And almost nothing happened here! Everyone in my district stayed expect our Zone Leader, Elder Ribeiro left. Today we cleaned a lot, it’s funny how it is necessary to have these time periods like transfers to give us time to review and fix. The house is getting a little messy and I am hoping that we will be able to do some leaps in this transfer. This last week was really interesting because I did splits with Elders in our district 5 days in a row. 2 days with the Zone Leaders, and one of them was spent going to the Center to help with his ingrown toenail. It was really cool to walk around in Aldeota. I felt like I was back in the United States and away from all the ghetto-y-ness. I felt like I belonged there with my collared shirt and tie you know.

This weekend our zone had 16 baptisms so we had a lot to do this weekend. We had two. One was Luian. The nephew of a member that we have been teaching the entire transfer. He is kinda a worldly young adult that is really smart with the Word of Wisdom and Chastity and has really good gospel knowledge. He is living with his Uncles but is from another state. Here he keeps the commandments with no problem (he doesn’t do anything social) so he wasn’t sure if he would continue on or not. Some how, he finally made the decision. I blame the Book of Mormon and FHE.

The other baptism is Jurandi´s sister, Shayla. WOW, the weird thought that came to me yesterday is that this is like teaching Keegan because she is 14 years old. But oooooh mmyyyyy gooossshhh I don’t think I have ever seen something so simple and so profound and beautiful as watching Jurandi baptizing his sister. I really feel like your favorite little quote “A missionary is someone who leaves their family for 2 years so others can be with theirs eternally” is finally being fulfilled. The Mom really wants to get baptized but needs to get married and it has been hard to sit down with the Dad but I have the faith that it will all work out. So yeah. Pretty sweet. 

It is real hard to work with families here because no one is married here. You really have to be patient with marriages and they have to be elect because it doesn’t work to pass a lot of time with all the unmarried couples that it will take about a month to baptize. Jurandi´s family has been really good.

Things haven’t changed much with living in the "city”. It is like the West Jordan here of Salt Lake. So it isn’t much different than Juazeiro. The wind is awesome though.
Fortaleza is pretty sweet. My P-day has been pretty lame, I am not going to lie. There is nothing at all to do in our areas. Today I will play piano, next week maybe I will buy and fly a kite. Ha, that’s what all the little kids are doing here. But I am really happy and can’t really complain. Just got to keep pushing forward, and keep learning and growing.

We had a Seventy talk to our mission this last week and I’m hoping my faith will grow and miracles will happen. I am not going to lie; I feel like in our area the work has been slow. I feel like I need to somehow transfer my enthusiasm to my Comp because the mish is not a one-man-job. For me though, something needs to change because I refuse to work at the pace we are. So we will see what this transfer holds for me. 
I love ya!
-Elder Cetraro

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