Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Let’s see for this week…. First of all, you are going to have to hit up Uncle Andrew and let him know that I am finally fulfilling his little mission to collect recipes. This last P-day I made the famous Coxinha! Ha, probably just about every block in Brazil has a place that sells this savory little treat. It’s basically just shredded chicken inside of fried dough.... But I know how to make them now! And then this P-day we learned how to make Pastels, the Coxinha’s brother, which you can find just about anywhere. It is the Aunt of our recent convert that is teaching us all of this.

Speaking of recent converts, Luian received the Aaronic Priesthood and is actually do home teaching as we speak. Jurandi and his family unexpectedly moved away. So we gotta track them down somehow so we can continue the work.

Besides that, this week took us by surprise and we started to work entirely in the other Ward that we are taking care of. We got to teach an entire extended family of like 10 people that live up on this "Hill" that is in our area. It is actually just a giant trash pile covered in dirt. We hiked up there and it has a pretty stellar view. I think we are going to try to fly kites there next P-day.

Besides that I think Saturday was probably one of the hardest days of my mission. Everything fell and it was just very stressful getting kicked out of a house, working with a kid whose parents are always drunk, less-active members who are too ashamed to return.  Also I forgot to tell you that I finished reading O Livro de Mórmon on St. Patty´s day and I know that book is true.  Also we passed by that young man Lucas and we did a couple lessons with him this week. He said that it really helped a lot and he really felt the spirit. I just love that kid so much and I am so glad that I am helping him out. I hope I can get him out on a mission.

Anyways, It is going great. I’m learning, getting filled with the Spirit everyday, and hopefully here soon we will get baptizing again.
Love you Fam and have a holly jolly week!
-Elder Cetraro

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