Wednesday, May 1, 2013

……But yeah, for the work it was AWESOME this week. Ha you know me, I like mixing things up and Elder Barbosa is WAY different. I’ve learned a lot with him. He is super obedient which I love, he seriously grabs the information of every single person we talk to which helps us always meet new people and our days are filled. He loves teaching about the priesthood. His lessons don’t really change so I feel like I have taught the same restoration lesson 30 times this week but its good for me. He is real cool and I am helping him a lot with English, hopefully he can help me with the Portuguese. I want to get rid of my accent completely. But yeah, it was really good to be able to focus on one ward this week. It’s going pretty well. 
Tá bom
Love you muchly,
-Elder Cetraro

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