Monday, May 20, 2013

May 6, 2013

Heeeyy theerrreeee!
WOW! I can’t believe that I am going to be seeing my family and my new NEPHEW!!! - next week. I am really antsy. Last time was kinda whatev, but this time I am definitely ready. I guess I should get some questions ready for you guys, right?

Garage sale, huh? I need to know though.. What did you sell? I still can’t believe you sold that old Nintendo system for 20 bucks forever ago. It’s worth like 100 right now! Ha, speaking about Nintendo. Ha, last P-day and this P-day I watched Wrecking Ralph! LEGAL! I liked it. I don’t know if I am like super spiritual in tuned or if the movies now-a-days are just getting better but I was learning little spiritual lessons the whole time I was watching! It’s a great movie, you can probably put that as one of my favorite movies (as a missionary) right under Tangled, ha. (Editor’s note: Missionaries are only allowed to watch Disney movies on their mission, nothing to worldly!)

But once again. WOW, TAYLOR IS A HUGE PREGO AND WILL HAVE A BABY!!! I actually had a mental breakdown about it this last week. (Okay it wasn’t a breakdown but I kinda thought about it for a good 20 minutes and talking/freaking out about it to my comp) I actually know a LOT of pregnant people down here (they are everywhere!) and I always just think. “That’s Taylor”.... weird.... And then I see lots of cutes babies and kids. Actually, I am surprised, I haven’t lost my touch with kids. It’s actually a rule down here that I can’t play with them and/or should focus on the adults, but the little guys still LOVE me. Ha, so that’s cool. (Editor’s note: Zac’s sister, Taylor, had a baby boy May 9th.)

As for the week, wow, I think my adultiness stepped up. This last week the focus was organizing the Missionary Work in the ward. The weird thing is.... It was kinda me doing the organizing. (Yes... your son... organizing...a bit weird) We have a lot of good members in the ward and our ward mission leader is a great guy who is always super willing to help us, but the thing is they just talk about what would be good. All talk, No Do. So finally we sat down and I taught that planning is the "How are we going to do that" So with that we listed out some ideas and responsibilities for the people in the ward missionary work, the leaders, and the members. So it was really good. So we are getting a little bit more structured.

Another good lesson that came into my head this week was about how patient and humble God is. He is great and glorious, but at the same time, patient and humble. He has all the power in the world and me being a priesthood holder you’d think I could just force choke people into going to church. But no, God gave man free agency and He really does respect it. So God really doesn’t use police down here, but instead he uses witnesses. We, in the Gospel are all witnesses, and the greatest power we have is to testify and the spirit that accompanies it. After that it is the responsibility of the listener to believe, and then the magic begins. I am constantly amazed with the patience of God, and with His patience with me. Now I need to be patient with others as He is with me.
Sooo yeah.
Love ya Fam
Até Proxima Semana!
-Elder Cetraro

Alrighty, so the members who live above us, one of the boys had a birthday. They are actually not a very strong family in the church and if the three boys go on a mission or not is a real question. So I guess they weren’t going to have cake and ice cream so I hurried and jumped on it and spent like 7 dollars on cake and ice cream, and we had a little birthday party. It was amazing how grateful they were for what I did, because it really was nothing, it was the least I could do. The best part is the Mom (who isn’t even a member) grabbed 2 of her boys and Lucas (that young man/ less-active that I have already talked about) and took a picture and said. "Now a picture of the 3 future missionaries." WOW! I don’t think I have ever heard more beautiful words on my mission. I really hope I have made a difference for these 3 GREAT boys who I know would make great missionaries. If really all 3 went, I think that would be better than any baptism =)

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