Monday, May 20, 2013

WoW Mom,
What a wonderful letter. Ha, Skyping was very fun, and very short. I liked it a lot, but I won’t lie this last week I was stuck thinking about home a bit more. But I shook myself out of it, and I decided it probably is a good idea that we don’t Skype or call every week... because it’s THAT nice! I agree though this last time really was a blessing, talk with grandparents, see and talk with you all, and most of all see my new nephew, WOW! Perfect timing buddy.

Wow, I also got a little emotional reading about the priesthood blessings the bishopric gave you guys. As a missionary we are promised that our families will be greatly blessed with spiritual blessings while we are not there. I fully believe that this experience honestly was one of those manifestations. I am really grateful for our inspired church leadership and priesthood that God uses to express His love to His saints. This only can be done in His true church as well.

Awesome. Well I guess I should probably fill you guys in on my last little week. Well, big news. We got the news on HOW the Mission will be split, and we will know WHO will be split next week with transfers. Sounds like Juazeiro will be a part of a whole different mission, "Natal". Ha, so there is a 1% chance that I will go to another big city of Brazil. But we’ll see. The conference was very good and I loved to hear the President and his Wife really express their love for us. I also was able to talk and converse with just about all my good friends from the mission.

For the work, we baptized a man named Cristovam. He is a 60-year-old man. He was an alcoholic a month ago, but the moment our Ward Mission Leader told him about the church, he stopped. He is a very humble big ol’ Eyore (from Pooh Bear) type guy. It was very heart warming to see him draw very close to his Heavenly Father. Like what Elder McLaws said after he interviewed him, you can FEEL that the Atonement is really working in his life.
 Love you all, BYE
-Elder Zac Cetraro

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