Monday, October 29, 2012

...Thanks for the thought on Christ. I have been thinking a lot about 
Christ lately, I think it is important to focus on Christ. I have been 
reading a lot of the gospels which I have never read them 
chronologically before.
One lesson I learned two weeks ago was about Courage. I learned there 
are three steps of faith, and this helped me understand more about 
courage. First step is Believe, which I always have had big hopes and 
beliefs. I believe in myself. Second step is Trust. This is where I 
learned the difference between being confident and being courageous. 
Confidence is all about trust. You know how I learned that? Portuguese. 
Trust here is confiança. So I am pretty confident with myself and with 
God and with 'the universe' but I think I lacked the last step of faith 
which is to Act - and this is where courage comes in. It is interesting 
though. Just like what you have always taught. Fear is the Enemy. In 
each step fear creates doubts, mistrust, and lack of action. So I've 
been trying to be a little more courageous down here.
Love ya pops, you da man.
-Elder Cetraro

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