Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

Heyyyoo family! =) I am better, don´t you worry!! I think I learned that it is important to be grateful for health now! Everything is good. This week was great! Now that we both feel better we WORKED together in our area like normal missionaries! It was great. Found new people to work with and we have one of our investigators from last transfer getting baptized this week!

So yeah, and the weekend was a party because of Conference, very chill! I loved Conference, I just soaked it up. I know I will study and use what was said. And it was so funny when that announcement was made, all the missionaries in our private English room started freaking out! Ha, it is going to change Mormon youth culture no doubt!

That is cool you got new iPhones. I seriously could care less about phones right now... it is weird, letting go of that was a whole lot easier than I thought it would be. I forgot what my old flip phone looks like too. My mind is in the work, right? Ha, just means I will have an iPhone waiting for me when I return, right?

So about Christmas, you asked what I need. I am just going to throw out a couple things. NUTELLA =) it is just a little expensive here, I am sure there are better American foods you can send me but Nutella is just awesome with everything. Umm... maybe some shorts? I gave my comp my black shorts because he was obsessed about them and it was his birthday. Also maybe ties for the same reason. I am having a battle inside myself what should I do about the ties because every Brazilian wants my freaking ties because they aren´t real cool here. And yeah, I will probably start to lose my ties, Grrr.. They are just ties, right? Also, maybe just more music? We can listen to any church music, instrumental, or Disney and Enya. So yeaaah, look for some sweet instrumental music if you can, I might ask you guys to send a CD of the music that was on my ipod that I gave away. Oh and by that time I will probably need a new study journal. So maybe a little something like that would be nice. Also there was a sweet book I wish I brought that is just loaded with pictures of scripture stories. I love pictures and teaching from them so maybe that... buuut besides that.... I am living a simple life! I don´t know. Use your imagination. But yeah, your package made it. Sweet. Yeah! I will talk to yáll next week. LOVE YA!
-Elder Cetraro

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