Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012

GUESS WHAT!!! Start of a new transfer today, which means mail, and YES, I got your package! =) Awesome! Life is good. Anyways... that was sweet. Thanks =) P.

So companion.... this week.... Health.... well. So, my Companion got sick with something this week so he was out from Monday to Thursday. I worked one night on a split but stayed with him. I was a little sick all week too, but you know me, that doesn´t slow me down. But during a Branch activity Thursday night... I started to feel sick, I started to feel a fever coming on, so I thought I´ll just try to go to bed a bit earlier. Well come to find out I had a 102 fever all night, which I guess is enough to call into the Mission Mom and she said to go to the hospital the next day. Weeeelll... it got worse. My fever kept on hovering closer and closer to 104, it wasn´t good. I couldn´t sleep, and I seriously thought I was going to die. Never felt so close to death. Eventually the others decided to flag down a random car in the street and drive me to the hospital where I got an IV and everything. Fun eh? Turns out it was probably an intestinal infection, and since I am American and this certain bacteria was probably very new to me it hit me hard.  I was out the rest of Friday. But miraculously I was back on my feet and working Saturday (my comp. is still slowed down by his).

But there is a good part to all of this. I know this transfer has been really rough, but I truly feel God has been putting me and my companion through a refining process so we will be gold. After all this stuff this last week I feel my companion and I are finally getting along better and probably wouldn´t have arrived at this any other way, ya know.

Anyways, yesterday was his birthday, and we had 3 birthday parties! The best though was the surprise one from a family he baptized in an area 10 hours away. They randomly showed up here and threw him a party, it was unbelievable. And I was lucky enough to be sucked up into the joy of it all. Yesterday I felt the joy of the missionary life and I don´t think it was because it was his birthday, I think this feeling will stay =)
Anyways, that was my week. I love ya’ll and talk to ya next week!

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