Monday, October 29, 2012

…So we were supposed to have 2 baptisms this last Sunday but things fell through because the moms couldn’t make it! Ha, I guess that is a valid reason. One’s name is Jackson. I will be the one dunking him, and the other is Nathanial, who we have been working with since week 1. Jackson is 16 and is really eager to join the church. He has been getting along well with the youth and he wants to be a missionary! Nathanial is very timid but he knows the church is true. It has been great watching him grow the last few months. I will send you pictures next week!

So I had an interview with President and it was pretty good. It looks like I will be staying and my companion will be leaving. It isn’t for certain though. But I am asking you guys and the whole family to pray extra hard for me these next two weeks. Transfers end the 11th and until then I will be the Senior. Which I am suuuper excited for! I feel my trainer did everything, (more than train me) and had troubles inside lessons letting me do things. So it will be like going from doing nothing to everything so I need the Lord’s help for sure. Please do that for me.

WOW, the holidays are coming up! Ha, I have been thinking about Halloween. I want to do something but I don’t know what. I am thinking about wearing like white socks.... psssh lame! You guys should send me a pull-up bar. If you do, I promise I won’t return fat. I would love that more than anything right now.

Some thoughts I wanted to share with you the last couple of weeks. One, I think someone is praying that I am well fed... because I am weeelll fed. The lunches are so good here and I am only hungry when I choose to be ;) Also in the house I always have food. Sometimes the others run out but I never do! I blame it on my thriftiness that I got from you! This is something my comp admires of me... he also thinks I am a bit crazy! He was spoiled before the mish and he always talks about it. So yeah. I got to go, Love ya, Mom
-Elder Cetraro

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